Photos that matter.


I want to make you feel something.

Shauna Heron is an award winning, documentary wedding photographer based out of Toronto, Canada and Miami, Florida. Her work has been published in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Rangefinder, Carats & Cake, Junebug Weddings, Wedding Co & many other publications worldwide. Limited dates available.


The most valuable thing I offer my clients isn't photography... it's my ability to connect. Connection is the secret to great photos... When I connect with the people I'm photographing, it shows in the photos I take; honest, relaxed images that bring you back to those special moments...even decades later.

Complicated, stiff posing isn't fun. Let's just hang out... act silly... dance... get cosy... play in some cool light. When your guard is down and you are truly in the moment.. that is when you shine. You get this.

I want people that were never at your wedding to see your photos and *feel* the amazing vibe of your day. Documenting the love of family and friends is what it is all about --not dresses hanging from chandeliers or rings on mossy rocks (seriously.. who does this?! :)) When the wedding is over and the details and napkins, flowers and cake are all gone.. your photos and the love you share will be all that you have left. This sounds corny, but these are the photos that will be your legacy. The history you'll share with your children. You get this too.

If all of this makes sense to you, if you're like, "Yeah! She get's us." then I know we'll be a great fit. Reach out and fill me in on all of the fabulous details.

Hi! I'm Shauna!
"Photographs open doors to the past, but they also allow a look into the future." Sally Mann